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                             Young people and people with Learning difficulties/disabilities


Our mission has always been to provide a safe and supportive, non-judgmental environment for educational and recreational activities for the social good of the community. Our work is specifically aimed at supporting vulnerable individuals within our community Guided by a needs led, holistic approach, we empower individuals to become confident, educated, independent and active members of their community.

Having a positive impact on their health and well being, breaking down barriers of social isolation, creating opportunities for positive change that will enhance their quality of life and lead to a wider social change.

We offer support to young people within our community to  learn, grow and become empowered.

Young people and people with learning difficulties /disabilities need chances to thrive – when they have this, it’s life-changing. Our services create opportunities for this, for every young person, empowering them to feel confident to make their own life choices and look forward to a positive future.

We provide opportunities for these service users within our city, assisting them to develop new skills, make a difference to their community and gain the confidence and support to reach their goals.

Our services are varied with a therapeutic element at the heart of everything we deliver. We develop and deliver individually tailor made programmes, lead by the client group to specifically suit their needs. We access funding though many differing streams allowing us to be varied in our approach and cover many issues effecting the lives of the people engaging with us.

Organisations such as Social Services, NHS and the private sector Commission our services to develop individually tailor made programmes for their clients (young people and people with learning difficulties/disabilities). 

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Our Story

Our programmes are specifically aimed at supporting vulnerable individuals or individuals that are experiencing periods of vulnerability. That could be anything from the day to day struggles of being a teenager or being a Looked After Child, support for LGBT+,Support for young carers, basic life skills and much more. We provide a safe and supportive environment for therapeutic holistic health, in order to improve social growth, whilst having a positive impact on an individuals, physical and mental health, wellbeing and quality of life. Guided by a needs lead approach, we empower individuals to address any passed and present issues they may be facing, breaking down barriers, creating opportunities for positive change, enabling them to begin to move forward with their lives and  become resilient, confident, independent, active members of their community. 


Get help if you're a young person

We can help you get the support you need to grow and develop.

We offer practical and emotional support so that you can enter adulthood with the confidence you need to achieve your full potential.


Emotional wellbeing

In the same way as your physical body can become unwell, your mind can also become unwell.

If you suffer from an emotional or mental health issue, then you are not alone, but it is something most people find difficult to talk about, but once you do, things can start to get easier for you.

You can find information and advice about common mental health issues including anger and self harm from:



Coping with death

For many people the Covid 19 pandemic shone a light on death and the fragility of life, but how do we cope with it? For many people death is something they have never had to experience. When we lose someone they can leave a gaping hole in your life, even if their death was expected, due to age or illness.

It helps to talk and to remember them, even if it is difficult. If no one talks to you, try talking to them. They may be feeling just as unsure as you. It will help you both to share feelings and memories.

For advice and support please contact these organisations that can help you if someone you care about dies:

  • Hope Again - support for young people after the death of someone close

  • The Samaritans - someone to talk to about anything, anytime

  • Help 2 Make Sense - website and helpline to help you make sense of your loss

Green House

Get Involved

Got an idea!  Are you aged 11 to 25?

Want to do something in your community?

You can develop your own projects, activities and events. You can do anything from podcasts and cooking workshops to tree-planting and spoken word, as long as your idea helps other people. You can apply on your own or in a group, we will help you learn how to structure your idea/plan and look for funding, then put it into action. You will receive a Project Management Certificate from us on completion.

Email us if you are interested in taking part.


 Let's connect.

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