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Commissioning Services

Providing Everything You Need

What We Offer

We work closely with partner organisations to identify their needs and the needs of their Client Group, Staff and Volunteers from which we then develop individually tailor made therapeutic programmes that we will deliver. 

Our work is specifically aimed at supporting vulnerable individuals or individuals of all ages that are experiencing periods of vulnerability. 

We provide a safe and supportive environment for therapeutic holistic health, in order to improve social growth, whilst having a positive impact on an individuals, physical and mental health, wellbeing and quality of life. Guided by a needs lead approach, we empower individuals to address any passed and present issues they may be facing, breaking down barriers, creating opportunities for positive change, enabling them to begin to move forward with their lives and  become resilient, confident, independent, active members of their community. 

Who We Partner With...

We work with a broad spectrum of organisations across the West Midlands, for example : NHS with staff and patients, Social Service with Looked After Children, Residential Homes, Assisted Living, Sheltered Accommodation, Organisations for Employee Assistance Programme services, Young People/Adults with Learning Difficulties and Mainstream young people and adults .... plus much more

EVOLVE - Counselling & Holistic Therapies

EVOLVE deliver the Counselling part of our service, offering an Integrative approach to counselling, the sessions will assist to build on emotional and physical stability and resilience, external safety and coping strategies, leading to a positive growth in wellbeing. 

They also specialise in delivering work place MENOPAUSE Support programmes for anyone going through this time of life and employers on how to support them. 

ACTION - Alcohol Support

Alcohol Support  Programme is frequently included within the range of our commissioned services. None more so than with our Employee Support Services. As we all know the Covid pandemic was difficult for a large number of individuals, with low level alcohol consumption being on the rise, having a negative effect on the individuals home and work life. Our Alcohol Support Programme understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You’re a unique person with distinctive goals, so you need a personalised programme that speaks to you on an individual level. We develop the programme with you and get you on the road to success.

At the end of the programme, you should have reduced the amount you are drinking (either to lower levels or by cutting it out altogether, depending on your goals) and already be noticing physical and emotional benefits from reducing your drinking, such as improved sleep and energy levels, weight loss, reduced anxiety and better relationships. All aiding in the ability and resilience to function better at work and feel happier in your everyday life, with increased positivity and strength, leading to a growth in physical and mental wellbeing.

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